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About Me

Digital innovation spurred by Covid-19 has put AI and analytics at the Center of business operations. The potential data analytics and artificial intelligence bring to the table have inspired companies to move faster than ever to face the challenges of a globalized world.

Omri Raiter is an accomplished tech entrepreneur and innovative explorer of new technologies with over 15 years of experience providing remarkable results in software development and emerging technologies for some of the most world-known organizations. His expertise spans the management of large-scale Cyber security, Big Data, and Machine Learning projects for companies from the financial, health, telecommunication, banking, and governmental industries.

Omri co-founded the Hexatone Group and is currently the CTO of Hexatone Finance, a company that offers real-time financial data intelligence platforms that deliver high value to decision-makers in the banking and finance sector. By offering next-generation, flexible and customizable solutions for Banking and Financial institutions, with innovative features based on proprietary AI and Machine Learning algorithms, Hexatone enables modern financial institutions to quickly access reliable and robust toolsets.

As a highly driven business leader and tech visionary in AI-Data Intelligence, Omri has helped position Hexatone at the forefront of Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning innovation. A growing number of companies are turning to analytics and AI to create more agility in their supply chains and distribution networks, develop new business models powered by data, drive efficiencies and cost savings and activate new revenue channels.
Being an over-the-horizon thinker, Omri pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing. He is a decisive leader with an exceptional ability to simplify complexities and rally diverse teams behind a quality vision.

Omri industry contributions have been featured in different media and Scientific Journals, including The Ritz Herald, Markets Herald, The Hudson Weekly, The Jerusalem Post, Forbes Global News, The Daily Scanner, Entrepreneurial Mag, Empirical Quests for Management Essences IT(ResearchBerg), and more.


 A distinguished career dedicated to the development of quality defensive and offensive security solutions, including the design, configuration, and support of fully functional, reliable, and secure computer systems/networks.

 A comprehensive technical training enabled a deep understanding of network security protocols, products and solutions, threat management, global regulation, and standardization



An inspirational leader that inspires employees to maintain peak performance and productivity levels while simultaneously maintaining high morale across the board.


Outstanding organizational skills with proven assets in designing, maintaining, protecting, and supporting large-scale network environments.


Vast experience with financial, health, telecommunication, banking, and governmental industries.

Technical proficiency in various platforms, environments, and tools.


Lecturer with strong training capabilities in Infrastructure Networking, Operating Systems, Information security (Offensive & Defensive), Secure Design, Penetration testing, and other security concepts.



  • Performing Network & Application Penetration tests,

  • Risk assessments, Cyber threat intelligence,

  • Developing and Tailoring complex solutions that require out-of-the-box thinking,

  • formulating information security policies,

  • disaster recovery / Business continuity plan,

  • preparing large-scale companies for standardization (PCIDSS, ISO 27001, etc.),

  • Technical Training and Project management (performed, managed and took part in over 1000 projects ).

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